how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally | Best Method in 2019

how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally | Best Method in 2019

I will show you best way to stop hair fall in 2019 just follow me. how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally ?

how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally

how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally  Nowadays hair fall has increased the cause of our stress. But have you ever thought stress is the major reason of hair fall and hairfall can occur if you are not consuming protein rich diet. It happens when your lifestyle gets too busy to take care of yourself. Hair thickness and shine matters a lot specially if you are a fashion oriented young girl. Actually it is the basic right of all women to look gorgeous. You don’t need to undergo the stylist treatment. You can do much with your hair from your good home. You might get irritated each time you find your hair on your comb, on your towel. So no worry we are with you. Today I am going to share some best hair care tips that actually works for any kind of hair to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally

  • We go for trimming and when you get to know its not working anymore you find its time to cut your hair and make them short.
  • Hair are not growing with constant speed.
  • Hair growth may stop.
  • You get some bald patches onto your scalp.
  • Hair turned out to be grey before ageing.
  • dandruff problems.
  • frizzy hair

These are some common problems we all are facing in our regular life. We need to do so much but we don’t have enough time to take care of our hairs. Today i am going to present some best hair care tips for you guys. If you use it on regular basis or at least twice a week it will definitely improve the texture of your hair. Improve your hair growth. Look at these some leading tips one by one that you have to follow if you want leading results. You need to give some time to yourself, to your hair to look gorgeous as always and yes, being a girl its our right to look gorgeous right??

It might have seen hair growth is genetic. each person is different. They have different hair types, hair textures, different inherited genes that affect hair growth. But apart from genes, if you make some exiguous efforts, the results might seems to be unimaginable.

Here are some key tips if you will going to follow it will 100% helps your hair to stimulate its growth, improve the texture, helps in regaining its strength.
I have a live example of my mom. her age is 51 and still her hair length is deep and lofty. Today I will share her hair care routine. So today here i am, with her tricks to strengthen your to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally

Sider leaves( Beri ke patte)

It contains natural cleansing agent. you might not have heard of it much in respect of hair growth. Not only it helps in growth but it will make your hair strong and silky. If your hair are frizzy and seems to be lifeless, You should give this remedy a chance to work on your scalp and make your hair strong. Lets see a great remedy that is so easy and fast

How to do:

  • Add few beri patte in 1 litre of water and boil it on a medium flame.
  • Filter it.
  • After washing your hair with mild shampoo, wash your hair with filtered water.
  • After 10-15 minutes, wash your hair with normal water.

Do this process 2-3 times a week, your hairs will improve immensely. Your hair length looks shiny, looks strong and it strengthen your hair as well.

Fenugreek paste(Methi ka paste)

Methi kill bacteria stick to your scalp and undoubtedly improves hair growth as well. This method has so much benefit to your hair which you can’t even think. Lets see first how it makes changes.

  • It reduces hair fall.
  • It helps in hair growth.
  • It absorbs excessive oil on your scalp.
  • Get rid of itchy scalp.
  • Fights dandruff.

How to do:

  • Add 3-4 tablespoon slaughterhouse(dana methi) according to your hair length in 1 glass of water at night.
  • When you get up early in the morning, mix it well in a mixer and make a thick paste.
  • Apply this paste to your hair (You can take dana methi according to your hair length)
  • After 1 hour wash your hair with normal water first, then you can opt for shampoo.
  • Apply conditioner as per your choice.

By doing this process twice or thrice a week, shine of hair gets doubled and your hair will start looking thick and perfect shine adds to your to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally

Soapnut(reetha), shikakai, Amla

Benefits of Reetha

  • It makes your hair silky.
  • Reetha is one of the most commonly used traditional method to prevent hair loss. It helps to cope up with all types of hair problems.
  • Its plant is rich in saponin, which makes our hair super shiny and strong. you can use it on regular basis.
  • This fruit contains vitamins A, D, E that helps to import shine to your hair.
  • It fights with dandruff and other scalp related problems.
  • You can easily styled your hair by using Reetha as your regular shampoo.

Benefits of shikakai

  • Adds shine to your hair.
  • Hair becomes smooth and thick
  • Prevents lice
  • Prevents grey hair before ageing
  • Fights with dandruff

Benefits of Amla

It is a natural remedy to start a new journey with your new hair type.

  • Amla contains vitamin C, anti oxidants and nutrients. We all have eaten Amla fruit for thousands of years. Many medicines in our traditional treatment have been made with amla.
  • Eating amla helps in hair growth. It helps in reducing hair fall. You need to add amla in your diet plan.
  • It works as a natural hair conditioning. Amla provides nourishment to your hair, strengthen your hair, add volume to your hair.
  • It prevents scalp with excessive oil. It soak excessive oil from scalp.
  • Fights with grey hair.
  • Adds natural shine.
  • Fights with dandruff.

Have you think amla, shikakai and reetha. All benefits in a single remedy, Lets see how to make it possible.

How to do:

  • Add one spoon Reetha powder, 2 spoon shikakai powder, 2 spoon Amla powder in water at night. Mix the properly and rinse it well.
  • Now all you have to do is rinse your hair with this water.
  • After 10-15 minutes, wash them with normal water.

Few additional tips

  • Don’t use dryer for your hair. It may damage your roots.
  • Don’t comb wet hair
  • Don’t left your wet hair in sunlight. Direct sunlight may harm your hair. Hairs will loose its shine.

Its not the end. We have an old remedy of how to make ayurvedic hair oil with natural ingredients at home. So lets begin.

Things you need

  • Coconut oil
  • Jatropha(Ratanjot)
  • Spikenard( Balchad)
  • Glass vessel

How to do:

  • Put 500ml of coconut oil in a glass vessel.
  • Add 50g Ratanjot and 100g of balchad.
  • Leave the solution for 15 days in the area where direct sunlight can be reached to the oil.
  • Wait till the oil turns out to be red in colour.
  • Rinse it well.

And here we go.!! Your oil is ready to apply on scalp and ends with a massage. This oil will strengthens your root and automatically hair become strong as well as shiny. If roots are strong, scalp is healthy, 90% of your hair problems will resolved naturally.

Onion Juice

Onion juice is a perfect game to boost hair growth.

  • It nourishes your hair follicles because it contains sulphur in rich quantity. Sulphur also minimizes hair breakage.
  • It prevents premature greying of hair.

how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally  All you need to do is to take out onion juice. For this you have to cut onion in pieces and mix them in a mixer, then take out its juice by cotton cloth. Apply this juice all over your scalp. Leave it for 1 hour. Wash your hair with mild shampoo. It thickens your hair and adds shine to your hair.

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